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Energyanddevelopment.com is a website dedicated to exploring the role of energy in development, disseminating research, articles and success stories in the field and serving as a forum for the global community in this important area. Energyanddevelopment.com is also the home to the quarterly newsletter Energy and Development. Energy and Development exists for the dissemination and exchange of information on energy sector best practices worldwide. Together these two tools seek to promote greater understanding of the importance and role of energy in development and emerging economies in addressing poverty alleviation in all aspects.

Today, tens of millions of people are unable to reach their potential because they lack sufficient resources: access to clean, affordable energy being of the major obstacles to their growth and development. Hundreds of millions more, particularly women and children, face a life of drudgery, increased morbidity and premature mortality because of the energy they do consume. This can all be changed by building on the successes, sharing best practices, and working together to mainstream energy and development. This website seeks to provide tools, share experiences, and be a general platform for these issues.

Beneficiaries of the www.energyanddevelopment.com website and "Energy and Development E-Newsletter":

Government representatives - policy makers, regulator, utilities, and implementers

Non-governmental organizations - stakeholders, including consumer groups, civil society, and other stakeholders

Other donors - donor representatives preparing programs, monitoring country progress, or seeking least cost solutions and the leveraging of resources

Private sector – private energy providers, equipment suppliers, private financial organizations, exporters, consulting and management firms and individuals

Research institutes – universities, technical and vocational schools, and entities researching new trends, documenting barriers and successes, and quantifying energy development impacts

Quarterly Focus

The first quarter 2004 Energy and Development E-Newsletter focuses on rural energy issues in the South Asia region based on our three years of work in six countries: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka under the USAID South Asia Regional Initiative/Energy Program.

Have a success story or Paper for Publication?

Have your colleagues, your government, or a representative from your private sector successfully implemented an energy sector program in your country which you feel others worldwide would benefit from learning about? Please tell us your story by emailing it under the heading: Success Story for energyanddevelopment.com at the email address: coreintl@coreintl.com. For papers focusing on best practices in energy and development, please submit your paper under the heading: Paper for Publication to the energyanddevelopment.com Advisory Panel at: coreintl@coreintl.com.

Energyanddevelopment.com is a website sponsored wholly by CORE International, Inc., an international management consulting firm founded in 1984. CORE provides strategic services to international development agencies, multilateral development banks, developing country governments and industry in the energy, water, transportation, telecommunications and environment sectors. The firm has successfully completed over 450 engagements in Africa, Asia, China, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, and Russia and the Far East. These engagements have led to economic growth and trade enhancements, greater economic efficiencies, improved governance, and increases in foreign investment.

To receive a quarterly copy of the Energy and Development E-Newsletter, click here and simply provide your desired email address.

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 Newsletter Jan 2005

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